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Live Longer: CGMs for Insulin Levels [Betsy McLaughlin]

What happens when all the standard advice doesn't work?

Live Longer: Brain-Derived Nootropic Factor [Wendy Suzuki]

It's amazing to listen to doctors talk among themselves about the health effects of exercise

Live Longer: 5x Mortality Reduction [Petter Attia]

Working out is better than having diabetes or smoking.

[Weekend Drop] Career+Luck with Adam Wiggins - Metamuse

I was super honored to join Adam Wiggins (cofounder of Heroku's) podcast to share thoughts on tools for thought, LIP, and Creating Luck.

[Music Friday] Harry Mack Freestyles

Off the top of the dome! (listen with good bassy headphones)

Backwards Causation with Airdrops [Haseeb Qureshi]

And the perverse incentives of promising a community rewards that you then don't have to give.

The Best Explanation of the Terra/Luna Collapse [Jonathan Wu]

The best explanation and theory I've found so far on Terra/Luna.

[Weekend Drop] Crossing the Chasm, with Richard Feldman

Richard and swyx discuss how technologies "cross the chasm" from early adopters to mainstream.

[Weekend Drop] Self-Provisioning Runtimes on Serverless Chats

Great chat with Jeremy Daly, GM of Serverless Cloud on SPR's!

Writing from First Principles [Tim Urban]

Tim Urban talks about first principles, why he writes long form, and the Fountainhead

Getting Past Writer’s Block [Brandon Sanderson]

Getting past the block, from someone who's definitely gotten past it.

Audience Building is Overrated [Rob Walling]

The counterintuitive advice from the king of bootstrappers.

How Segment Grew 150x'ed Sales with this One Weird Trick [Peter Reinhardt]

The Segment CEO recounts how he was pushed to a 150x price increase and learned Enterprise Sales

The Fast Collapse from Up Close [Bootstrapped Web]

Brian Casel and Jordan Gal break down the Fast collapse as indiehackers in the checkout space.

How I Wrote Fight Club [Chuck Palahniuk, Jim Uhls, David Fincher]

What is the meaning of Fight Club? Instead of giving you my theory, let's learn straight from the source! Listen to Chuck Palahniuk (author), Jim Uhls (screenwriter), David Fincher (director), and more talk about how they created this film and book!

Self Publishing & Stealing [Austin Kleon]

the bestselling author of Steal Like An Artist pulls back the curtain on the realities of being an author.

The Difference between Stealing and Creating [Colin & Samir]

Mr. Beast was accused of "stealing" Squid Game. C&S defend him.

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