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The Origin of Yahoo [Jerry Yang]

The incredible origin story of Yahoo from start to $850m IPO in 2 years.

[Weekend Drop] Temporal — the iPhone of System Design

Why I joined Temporal.io

[Music Fridays] Tori Kelly Unplugged

A sampling of Tori Kelly on "Quarantea with Tori".

The Secret To Great Interviewing [Debbie Millman, Jay Acunzo]

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The Genius of Apple's Name [Brent Schlender]

A powerful property of Apple's name that I had never considered before.

Elegant Software [Joel Spolsky]

Two anecdotes from StackOverflow founder Joel Spolsky, on how Google and Amazon wrote elegant software that balances simplicity and power.

The Challenges of Building Community [Tropical MBA]

Community is so hot right now, but nobody ever talks about the downsides.

[Weekend Drop] Why Invest in Developer Community? GitHub OCTO Speaker Series

I was invited to present for GitHub's Office of the CTO and chatted dev community with Idan Gazit and Brian Douglas!

[Music Fridays] Still Alive - Frank Sinatra Swing Cover

An amazing cover of a classic computer game song.

How to Be Kelsey Hightower [Kelsey Hightower]

You're no better than anyone else, and no one is better than you.

How To Die Well [Kathryn Mannix]

The questions and rituals to prepare for death, practically and emotionally.

How to Explain Things Well [Neil deGrasse Tyson]

Write it down, practice it a lot, watch how people react.

How to Get Rid of Phobias [This American Life]

The Nuclear Option for overriding Fear of Spiders.

[Modern Web] Swyx on Side Projects

My thoughts on shipping The Coding Career Handbook as a Side Project, and tips and tricks on how to do it well.

[Music Fridays] Dear Theodosia Cover — Trey Mclaughlin, Jamal Moore, & Arthur Chapman

A beautiful arrangement and performance of the song from Hamilton

The Race to Remote [Marc Andreeesen]

Why the future is remote work and location independent pay.

Snorkel.ai: Unlocking Subject Matter Experts to make Software 2.0 [Alex Ratner]

Snorkel.ai CEO Alex Ratner explains the big idea behind SnorkelFlow and I explain why I think it's a big deal.

Dispatch from LA [swyx]

I've moved back to the US! An audio update.

[DataTalks.Club] Swyx on Marketing Yourself

I joined Alexey Grigorev's DataTalks.Club podcast to talk How to Market Yourself (without Being a Celebrity).

[Music Fridays] Baba Yetu — Christopher Tin

The theme song of humanity.

Writing Advice [David Perell, Courtland Allen]

5 tips to improve your writing.

Everything is a Remix [Kirby Ferguson]

Everything is copied - although Apple didn't copy as much from Xerox as most people say.

wtf is dbt? [Drew Banin]

dbt is taking the data eng world by storm. this is the best 10 minutes i've heard on it.

The REAL Lesson of Tuesdays with Morrie [Mitch Albom]

Meditations on the meaning of life from Morrie Schwartz and Maya Angelou.

[Second Brain 5] Finale

I am a mentor for the Notion Advanced track of Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain, Cohort 12. This is the cleaned up audio of the last of 5 mentorship sessions with Q&A at the end.

[Music Fridays] In The Heights — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I just watched the new In The Heights movie and had to mixtape my favorite moments!

Apple Pie Positions and Certainty Theater [Shreyas Doshi]

How people unintentionally obstruct progress by asking for perfectly reasonable things.

Cloudflare at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 [Matthew Prince]

Listen to Cloudflare's pitch when it was just 3 people at TechCrunch. Would you have invested?

EPOC Personal Branding [Sam Parr, Shaan Puri]

The extremes people go to in order to reinforce a personal brand.

The Goddess of Everything Else [George Hotz, Scott Alexander]

A short story with a message of hope for the future, recommended and read by a unique, brilliant mind.

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