How to be miserable for the rest of your life [Joey Schweitzer]

An incredible inversion of standard motivational advice.

  • 1. Wake up whenever you want 
  • 2. Make sure your house is a complete disaster 
  • 3. Procrastinate 
  • 4. Pretend to be busy
  • 5. Wait for opportunities 
  • 6. Always say no 
  • 7. Be suspicious of people
  • 8. Never fix the things you dislike about yourself
  • 9. Focus on things you can’t control 
  • 10. Use fear as motivation 
  • 11. Only do what is comfortable 
  • 12. Believe you are special
  • 13. See life not how it is, but how you wish it to be


Here's a quick tutorial

on how to be miserable
for the rest of your life.

Step one, wake up whenever you want to.

Don't wake up at a reasonable hour,

an hour that makes you
feel good about yourself.

Make sure you wake up

when everyone has had a
head start to the day.

You really wanna make sure

you feel like you've missed any chance

to start your day off on the right foot.

And when you get out of bed,

don't make your bed and don't shower.

Just wear whatever you wore
yesterday and head downstairs.

It's important that you start the day off

with little to no self-respect,

feeling as grimy as possible.

Step two, make sure your house

is always a complete disaster.

Your house is filled with many rooms,

each with a specific purpose.

You wanna make sure that
it's extremely difficult

to accomplish those purposes.

The pigsty will also help
subconsciously reinforce the idea

that you're a disorganized person

whose life is not in order.

This is an extremely
important belief to have

when trying to remain miserable.

Step three, procrastinate.

When the thought dawns on you
to do something productive,

like clean your disgusting kitchen,

just ignore that feeling.

After all you just woke up,

and you have so much time later
in the day to get that done.

You wanna get in the habit

of delegating all your life's problems

to the future version of yourself,

who will probably have
a lot more motivation

and energy than you do right now.

Step four, look busy.

After you sit down to do some
work, open up a Word document

to help yourself feel like
you're being productive.

Give your document a nice title

and then immediately open up Reddit,

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

just to check if you missed anything.

You see, it doesn't
really matter what you do.

As long as you're sitting on your desk

and that Word document is open,

it'll help trick your conscience

into thinking you're doing work,

but you won't be getting
any further in life.

Step five, wait for opportunities.

Never be proactive with
finding new opportunities

to grow your career or meet new people.

Wait for all of that to
come knocking on your door.

After all, if it's gonna
happen, it's gonna happen.

You'll meet the girl
of your dreams one day

and things will kinda just work out.

You'll probably also land your dream job

if you just wait long enough.

Anyways, the important
thing is to not take action.

Don't try to figure out
the most effective way

to get what you want, just
wait until things work out.

Step six, be default no.

When a friend asks you to go
out for a drink, just say no.

After all, you're super busy these days

and have a lot of work to do.

When your boss gives you the opportunity

to lead a meeting at work,

try to find an excuse to slink out of it.

The key here is to give
everyone the impression

that they should just let
you do your own thing.

Be so good at saying no

that people just stop
asking you to do anything.

Step seven, be suspicious of people.

Never give people the
benefit of the doubt.

Believe that everyone

basically just wants to
take advantage of you,

and because of this, you should be guarded

and put up walls to protect
yourself emotionally.

Assume the smiles people give you are fake

and that their motives are malevolent.

Step eight, never fix the things
you dislike about yourself.

Continue to engage in activities

that make feel subhuman and weak.

Never prove to yourself

that you can overcome
obstacles or better yourself.

Never attempt to transcend your vices

or change your lifestyle for the better.

Subscribe to the idea
that people can't change,

so you shouldn't try.

Step nine, focus on
things you can't control.

As often as possible, get
pissed off at the traffic,

the government, the pandemic.

You really wanna reinforce the idea

that the world is messed up

and there's nothing you can do about it.

Focus on the shortcomings of others,

the failings of your country,
and the state of the economy.

Maintain a constant
external locus of control

over all the events in your life.

This will really help you feel powerless.

And if you're trying to be
miserable, that's perfect.

Step 10, use fear as motivation.

Make the fear of negative consequence

your primary motivator
for everything you do.

Set up deadlines that frighten you

and punish yourself for
failing to meet them.

Use white-knuckle tactics

to force yourself into productivity

and remind yourself constantly

that your entire life could fall apart

if you don't keep your head above water.

Step 11, only do what is comfortable.

Let your comfort zone be the authority

on what you do and don't do.

If it's not comfortable, don't do it.

Avoid discomfort at all costs

and participate only in activities

that are familiar and effortless.

Don't concern yourself with gaining

fresh perspectives or novel experiences.

Stay in your lane. Operate
in your wheelhouse.

Step 12, believe you're special.

Behave like you're entitled to things

on the basis that you're just
different than everyone else.

Assume that the people that
have what you want in life

just don't deserve it as much as you do.

Always regard yourself as talented,

unique, one of a kind.

This will really help you
develop an outsider complex,

which will make it difficult
to open up to other people

or see things from their perspective.

But since you don't wanna do

any of that uncomfortable
stuff anyways, that's perfect.

Step 13, see life not as it is,

but how you wish it to be.

Daydream of a day where things are better,

fantasize about a life where
all your problems are gone.

You wanna make sure you mentally
escape as much as possible

to distract you from the
obstacles in front of you.

Pour your mental energy

not into fixing your problems
or improving yourself,

but into building up this fantasy

to be as detailed as possible.

Reflect daily about what you would buy

if you won the lottery
or became a celebrity.

Constantly compare your
life to this fiction

and become resentful at the juxtaposition.

So if suffering is what you're after

and you crave the daily strife,

then you're in luck because
if you follow this advice,

you'll be miserable for
the rest of your life.
2021 Swyx