[Music Fridays] Spider-Man: No Way Home OST

The soundtrack to the newest Spider-Man is an incredible listen, with some interesting clues...

From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVmfpULFk-M

Points of interest:
11:24 Doc Ock’s theme
21:20 "Goosebumps"
37:30 Tom Holland standing in the pouring rain while he watches Jonah on the big screen right after SPOILER
42:00 The movie's max hype moment
48:05 SPOILER 3's theme
48:42 SPOILER 2's theme
51:44 Final fight
1:01:27 Goodbyes
1:04:36-1:06:12 Credits-only Spider-man theme

Track List:
0:00 Intro to Fake News
1:11 World’s Worst Friendly Neighbor
2:03 Damage Control
4:20 Being a Spider Bites
5:25 Gone in a Flash
7:18 All Spell Breaks Loose
10:44 Otto Trouble
15:04 Ghost Fighter in the Sky / Beach Blanket Bro Down
17:52 Strange Bedfellows
19:37 Sling vs Bling
24:38 Octo Gone
28:12 No Good Deed
33:13 Exit Through the Lobby
37:28 A Doom With a View
39:29 Spider Baiting
41:04 Liberty Parlance
42:33 Monster Smash
43:55 Arc Reactor
46:52 Shield of Pain
51:44 Goblin His Inner Demons
55:39 Forget Me Knots
1:02:28 Peter Parker Picked a Perilously Precarious Profession
1:04:00 Arachnoverture
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