The Second Brain [Ali Abdaal and Tiago Forte]

Ali's take on Tiago's Second Brain idea.

Watch his video:
My Blogpost:

These 10 principles are basically different aspects of a system/approach to knowledge work that helps us reduce stress, produce more, and live a life of creative joy:

  1. Borrowed Creativity: Stand on the shoulders of giants.
  2. The Capture Habit: Outsource memory to devices.
  3. Idea Recycling: Reuse ideas repeatedly.
  4. Projects over Categories: Don't silo insights - organize them into projects you are working toward, right now.
  5. Slow Burns: Not everything has to be a Heavy Lift. You can accumulate in the background.
  6. Start With Abundance: Don't start from a blank canvas.
  7. Intermediate Packets: Break down work into manageable projects.
  8. You Only Know What You Make: Taking action is the best way to discover what you don't know.
  9. Make Things Easier for your Future Self: Package up things for your future self to use.
  10. Keep Your Ideas Moving: You never need to be stuck.

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