Why We Sleep [Matt Walker]

Just a reminder of the research on Sleep.

  • Lack of Sleep ages you 10 years by testosterone
  • "Sleep Spindles" from Deep Sleep act like file transfer from short term memory to long term
  • Sleep gets worse as you age
  • Sleeping pills are blunt instruments - electrical stimulation helps better
  • Daylight savings time causes 20% increase/decrease in heart attacks as we jump forward/backward due to lost sleep
  • 70% loss in immunity with 4 hrs of sleep
  • Nighttime shift work is carcinogen
  • 711 genes distorted on 6 hrs of sleep
  • Tips for better sleep:
    • no alcohol/caffeine
    • avoid naps during the day
    • regularity - bed and wake at same time regularly 
    • keep it cool: 18 deg celsius
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