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Why Remix [Michael Jackson]

The King of pop() talks about his new framework.

Prophet and Zillow's $10 Billion Mistake [Hilary Parker, Roger Peng]

The NSSDeviations duo talk through the Zillow debacle

[Weekend Drop] Adam Argyle: Complexity Cliffs, DX, and the Disruption of Web Design

A conversation with Adam Argyle, CSS Developer Advocate for Google Chrome!

[Music Fridays] Prosody of the Snow Queen

How Elsa finds herself between the two main themes from Frozen 1 and 2.

[Quick Clip] Temporal: 50 Most Promising Startups - The Information

Temporal was selected as The Information's 50 Most Promising Startups but I don't know if they really know why.

How to Grow a Top 10 Podcast + Impatience with Action, Patience with Results [Sam Parr, Shaan Puri]

The MFM guys talk about their stats, and reflect on what it takes to grow.

Inspiration over Information [Nick Wignall]

Insightful commentary about effective writing: Put a little cheese wiz on the broccoli

Starting a Second Youtube [Charli Prangley]

The Convertkit gang break down the meta of YouTube

Shipping Side Projects with Wife + 3 Kids + Fulltime Job + Church + Open Source [Alex Reardon]

The most beautifully raw conversation about the sacrifices of side projects with a family.

[Music Friday] Freestyle - Kiraly Payne, Wayne Brady

Two excellent pieces of freestyle rap.

Status as a Service [Eugene Wei]

A 15 minute summary of the epic consumer social essay.

Being a Lighthouse [Matthew Kobach]

Matthew Kobach breaks down his Twitter strategy.

The Second Brain [Ali Abdaal and Tiago Forte]

Ali's take on Tiago's Second Brain idea.

[Music Fridays] Marc Martel

The legendary Freddie Mercury cover artist.

Katalin Kariko [The Daily]

The Daily interviews Katalin Kariko about how she saved the world.

SynBio and mRNA [Jason Kelly]

The CEO of Gingko Bioworks explains the last 40 years in synthetic biology.

The 3 Levers of Fasting [Peter Attia]

Always pull one, sometimes pull two, never pull none.

Why We Sleep [Matt Walker]

Just a reminder of the research on Sleep.

[Weekend Drop] Swyx on How To Market Yourself

I joined Jane Portman's podcast to talk about personal marketing!

[Music Fridays] Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift sings at the Grammy Museum.

Vercel [Guillermo Rauch]

An Argentinean builds the SDK for the Web.

Sidekiq Race Conditions [Chris Toomey]

Chris discusses a nasty bug he wrote with Sidekiq, and Team Temporal discusses his bug.

GPT-3: Ladder to Heaven [Wojciech Zaremba]

the OpenAI cofounder discussing GPT3.

The GitHub Codespaces Story [Cory Wilkerson]

Cory Wilkerson talks about how they got GitHub to adopt Codespaces

[Weekend Drop] Lee Robinson: Next.js, Vercel, and the SDK for the Web

My conversation with Lee Robinson, Head of Developer Relations at Vercel which recently launched Next.js 12, the most popular framework in the most popular programming language in the world.

[Music Fridays] Davie504 vs TwoSetViolin

When two music YouTube channels fight, the audience wins.

If [Rudyard Kipling]

Michael Caine reads Kipling.

Directives [Derek Sivers]

Derek Sivers reads out "How to be Useful To Others" and why he started focusing on Do's and Don'ts.

Leverage [Naval Ravikant]

Naval talks about how to get leverage.

Media Companies For Everyone [Brian Armstrong, Chamath, swyx]

swyx reads Brian Armstrong's Fact Check memo, and we listen to Chamath's take on it.

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