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Journey to MongoDB [Mark Porter]

Why MongoDB, from the CTO of MongoDB

[Weekend Drop] The True Story of Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale tells his own story in his impeccable style.

[Music Fridays] The Petersens

The most wholesome family band on YouTube.

The Origin of Braintree [Bryan Johnson]

The $800m business school plan, executed in 6 years.

The Origin of Twilio [Jeff Lawson]

Twilio's origins and early mishaps, through Jeff's eyes.

The Origin of Waze [Noam Bardin]

How Waze crowdsourced its way to a Billion dollar payout — because it had no choice.

The Origin of Kubernetes and Heptio [Joe Beda]

The origin of k8s and its spinoff company, from its CTO.

[Weekend Drop] An Evening With Kevin Smith

Deconstructing how Kevin Smith talks about Superman Lives and Tim Burton.

[Music Fridays] Walk Off The Earth

One of my favorite indie rock + pop cover bands

Unity [Robert Cialdini]

Tribalism - the newest Influence principle.

Commitment and Consistency [Robert Cialdini]

The most underappreciated principle of Influence.

Social Proof and Scarcity [Robert Cialdini]

How does Steph Smith's ratchet pricing strategy use Cialdini's principles?

The Power of Contrast [Robert Cialdini]

How do you convince someone to accept a situation they normally wouldn't? Show them that it could be much worse.

[Music Fridays] Alan Silvestri

Defining over 40 years of the greatest Hollywood soundtracks.

The Third Generation of Cryptocurrency [Charles Hoskinson]

What comes after Ethereum?

Solving The Oracle Problem [Sergey Nazarov]

How do you bring the real world into the blockchain world when billions of dollars are at stake?

Scaling Blockchains [Vitalik Buterin]

What are the Layer 1 and Layer 2 approaches to scaling?

Ethereum 2.0 [Danny Ryan]

What is Eth 2 and what is The Merge?

[Weekend Drop] What We Know We Don't Know — Hillel Wayne

An exploration of Empirical Software Engineering. We know far less than we care to admit, and the stuff we do know is boring but definitely worth investing in.

[Music Fridays] Writing Songs - Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth

Taking songwriting notes from musicians, for Music Friday.

Writing Poetry [Writing Excuses]

What writing tips can we take from professional authors?

Writing for SEO [Jennifer Fitzgerald, PolicyGenius]

What do you do if you had to write for your company to survive, on *insurance* of all things?

Writing Newsletters for a Living [Nathan Baschez, Dan Shipper]

Good writing has 3 components: Engine + Drag + Lift.

Writing for Twitter and Writing for Action [Julian Shapiro, Aella, Sam Parr]

Audio notes on Julian, Aella, and Sam Parr's process for engaging their audiences.

[Weekend Drop] Coding Career for College Students - Major League Hacking

I spoke with fellowship students from Major League Hacking about my book!

[Music Fridays] Faheem Rasheed Najm aka T-Pain

A collection of the famous autotune singer singing WITHOUT autotune.

1984 vs Brave New World Pt. 2 [Intelligence Squared]

A powerful demonstration of pacing and leading in favor of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

1984 vs Brave New World Pt. 1 [Intelligence Squared]

A spirited defense of George Orwell's take on power, media, and memory.

6 + 2 + 1 [Warren Spector, designer of Deus Ex]

When to quit a sure thing to work on a risky thing.

The Origin of Yahoo [Jerry Yang]

The incredible origin story of Yahoo from start to $850m IPO in 2 years.

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