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[Second Brain 4] Intermediate Packets / Bottom-Up Idea Exploration

My own content creation philosophy, explored through my personal journey with React

[Music Fridays] The Thong Song — Sisqo

This is the story of the Thong Song, told by Vice.

Lineage Driven Fault Injection [Kolton Andrus]

The theoretical foundation of Chaos Engineering.

Hinge's Last $25,000 [Justin McLeod]

What do you do if you are down to your last $25,000 and had one last shot to launch a dating app?

Nuclear Plant Security [Malicious Life]

Want to hack into a Nuclear Plant? Good luck.

Time Block Planning [Cal Newport]

Cal Newport on why Time Block Planning beats Todo Lists, and why you should do it on *paper*.

[Second Brain 3] Distilling Notes

I am a mentor for the Notion Advanced track of Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain, Cohort 12. This is the cleaned up audio of the third of 5 mentorship sessions with Q&A at the end.

[Music Fridays] Ludwig Göransson — Black Panther, This is America, The Mandalorian

One of the most impactful film composers of our time.

The Power of Personal Podcasting [swyx]

Celebrating 100 episodes! Why this works, my reflections and things I'm looking to improve.

Robo-caller Payback Time [Josh Browder]

Making $400k by punishing robocallers automatically. Genius!

[Second Brain 2] Organizing with PARA

Sharing the audio of my BASB mentorship session and Q&A!

[Music Fridays] Talkbox — Byron Chambers, Lorenz Rhode, Scary Pockets

An audio intro to talk boxes!

The three kinds of platforms [Amjad Masad, quoting Marc Andreesen]

A 2019 recap of devtools investment theses, by two of the most prominent up and coming devtools founders.

Gonzo Journalism [Antonio García Martínez]

What Antonio García Martínez actually wrote, and what happens when gonzo journalism meets 2021 tech culture (note: I am not defending him).

Why Creator Clones Fail [MKBHD]

The Innovator's Dilemma according to MKBHD, applied to YouTube's attempt to clone TikTok

[Second Brain 1] The Capture Habit

Sharing the audio of my BASB mentorship session and Q&A!

"Squalid" [Jorge Just]

A funny true story, from The Bachelorette to real life.

Bayesian Thinking [Julia Galef]

Remember your priors (base rate neglect), imagine you are wrong, update incrementally

We've Hit Peak Social Media [Cal Newport]

2 ways that social media usage is going to decline from here on out

Balaji Srinivasan: Overrated or Underrated? [Brian Armstrong]

How Balaji got into crypto and why Brian Amstrong thinks so highly of him.

The Worst Job You Ever Had [Andrew Wilkinson]

Why Andrew Wilkinson wants you to have a Dirty Job

[Angel Investing] E2E Encryption Keyservers with Ashoat Tevosyan

A recording of one of the most interesting angel investing conversations I've had this year.

Pokémon 8-Bit Jazz Breakdown [Charles Cornell]

I was amazed at how beautiful Pokémon music can be.

Snow White in a Fur Coat [The Moth]

A 5-year-old girl is caught stealing by her strict mother.

Luck vs the Definite Future [Peter Thiel]

Peter Thiel on why you want to bet on founders who believe in a definite future, not the role of luck.

How Buffett Missed Intel [Acquired.fm]

Sometimes you should invest in businesses you don't understand?

[Weekend Drop] Grifters and Content Creation Traps

I joined Maksim Ivanov's YouTube channel to talk about responsible/authentic content creation.

Why Angel Investing is Dumb [Shaan Puri, Codie Sanchez]

Codie Sanchez and Shaan Puri on why Angel Investing is not a great use of funds - and why they do it anyway.

Young and Successful; Old but Broke [Tammy Lally]

What it's like to suddenly lose economic relevance as we get older.

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