Being a Lighthouse [Matthew Kobach]

Matthew Kobach breaks down his Twitter strategy.

Listen to Masters of Community:

3 key takeaways:
- Three ways to build your social media brand: Be Unbelievably Niche, Be Consistent, Compound Tweets.

- Be the lighthouse for topics you’re interested in. 90% of people don’t post, they just read. Get this 90% to look at your content.

- Need to be passionate about and enjoy what you’re doing. Being good at something makes you passionate about it. No matter what you do, there will be aspects you don’t love - but make sure it’s something you’re curious about.

“90% of people don't really post on social media, 9% post, a medium amount, and 1% of post most of it. So those 90% of people, they have interests, they want to participate. Maybe they'll reply once in a while, but for the most part, they just want to read interesting thoughts. So that's the lighthouse - you’re trying to get those 90% of the people, and they're looking for topics that interest them. The only way for them to find you is if you turn your light on and you start talking about the things that interest you, and you've just got to hope that they're actually attracted to what you have to say.”
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